Architectual Statement

Vision of the Royal Textile Academy
By Architect Douglas Soe-Lin


The Royal Textile Academy design is a reflection on the fable, The Four Friends (Thuenpa puen shi). This fable embodies the concept of teamwork and collaboration. In the story, the peacock, rabbit, monkey and elephant cooperate to produce a bountiful tree. The peacock found a seed, the rabbit planted it, the monkey helped by fertilizing it and the elephant watered it and stood by to guard the tree.


The tree grew tall and thick with fruit, but the fruit was too high to reach. Working together, the four animals climbed on each other’s backs, making a tower, so that they could pick the fruit from the highest branches and share it with one another.


Like the fable, this project has its four cooperating friends.


The first is the museum, the second is the school, the third is conservation facility and the fourth is the community space—the cultural heritage center, the banquet hall, the outdoor festival area, the restaurant, the shop and the office building.  All work together to serve and achieve the goals of the Royal Textile Academy.


These friends (the buildings) – gather together around their shared courtyard, each designed with its own architecturally distinct shape, size and color.


These four collaborating components come together to form an architectural whole, symbolically referencing the fable and its ethic of cooperation and partnership.


These Four Friends will each define and sustain The Royal Textile Academy.