The Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan will be Bhutan’s primary center for the collecting, conservation, training, study and exhibition of some of the Kingdom’s greatest treasures – its textiles. The Academy will provide more than just an instructional center for young people to learn how to weave in order to preserve these skills and values for generations to come. It will also be a tourist destination, a community cultural center, a museological support center, and an economic development hub providing production and marketing services to expand the native textile industry of Bhutan. As the Academy’s reputation and professional capacity mature, they will rapidly become a vital center for stimulating the conservation of precious textiles throughout the South East Asian region. The Friends of the Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan is a wholly dedicated, not-for-profit organization designed to support the preservation and advancement of the textile traditions of Bhutan.


Imagine, in the center of Thimphu, in the shadow of Bhutan’s majestic mountains, a new cultural center alive with activities; a contemporary Bhutanese textile fashion show has tourists and international buyers buzzing; a sacred cycle of Buddhist ceremonies and performances enriches the spiritual lives of residents and visitors alike.


Imagine, the precious textiles of Bhutan coming home from private collections around the world to grace state-of-the-art exhibitions in an all-new textile museum. Imagine skilled conservators saving delicate historic sacred and secular fabrics from destruction while training colleagues from throughout the South Asian region to preserve their own fragile fabric legacies. Imagine rural women throughout Bhutan learning weaving skills that will produce critical income to improve the quality of their own lives while gracing a world market with their unique textile art.

readmore_Col-3Imagine, flexible auditoriums, offices, parking, shops and restaurants generating critical earned income to underwrite all these cultural activities, festivals, and celebrations. This is the vision for the Royal Textile Academy, a multi-functional center showcasing the cultural heritage of Bhutan and its most important living art form, textiles.