The FRTAB Logo represents the partners involved in the Royal Textile Academy’s mission and primary goal to build a state of the art Academy in the capital of Bhutan.


The logo is reminiscent of Bhutanese weaves, interlocking patterns, motifs and colors used in the textiles.  The three small diamonds demonstrate the foundation and partners of the Academy: The monarchy with the patronage of the Queen Mother, Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuck, The Royal Government of Bhutan and the philanthropy of the international private sector.


The four large triangles represent the design concept of the RTA architect.  The design is a reflection on the Buddhist fable, The Four Friends (Thuenpa puen shi).  This fable embodies the concept of teamwork and collaboration with four animals cooperating to grow a bountiful tree and share in the fruits of the tree.


Like the fable, this project has its four cooperating friends. A museum, a weaving school, an office facility and a cultural heritage center to include both indoor and outdoor community space.


These four collaborating components will form an architectural whole, symbolically referencing the fable, defining and sustaining the Royal Textile Academy.  Our logo represents the ethic of cooperation and partnership.